Friday, 11 May 2012

Analysing Genre Conventions within our music video

A music video should conform to the six points that Goodwin laid out. Our video does not entirely stick to the normal conventions, as it is a rock genre video and theese are allways trying to break the mould of videos.

This shot shows that we are sticking withing the genre conventions and this is very important according to Goodwin's points, the shot covers the band, the clothing and the guitar. The black and white filter creates a unique take on the rock genre and puts out own stamp on the video. The straight lines in the scene lead to the band and this drags attention to the main points relating to the genre, band, singer etc.

 From haveing a close up of the artists face the image of the band member is being broadcasted to the audiecne that is watching. This is important in relation to Goodwin's 6 points as as it is one of the points that is needed to be covered in the video. The image of the singer will be going around the Rock world through word of mouth and Rock lovers viewing the video online and on the TV.

 This shot relates to the genre conventions related to our genre, rock, the shot outlays the idea that the singer/band is on a journey and this means the audience can relate to it as everyone has been on a journey in their life. The black and white signifies the importance of the barriers in the video this creates the idea that he is locked in to his journey and this is portrayed also by the lines across the scene. It is also quite dark and this is going along with the lyrics and conforms with the conventions of rock.

This shot relates to the lyrics and visuals convention. This is because within the song the artists are singing about a pick up truck and within the video about half way through while the artists are singing about it along comes a pick up truck to represent the true feelings of the artist. This is part of him expressing himself and singing for a real purpose. 

Our music video is a song called "pick up truck", its quite a deep song in which the lyrics describe the emotions the lead singer is going through. according to Goodwin you should match the lyrics and visuals therfore, within our video we made links to this by showing moving traffic passing him by, this means his life is quickly passing him by and he isn't where he wants to be in his life and its getting him down. the title it self indicates what type of song it will be hence pick up truck, he needs to pick him self up out of his 'hole' in which he has fallen into. however, we purposely didn't match it up to the lyrics in certain places and created our own visuals which describe lonelyness, hence in the forest where he is alone and has no real direction.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Ollys Evaluation

Overall i would say that as a group we worker extremely hard towards getting our final media product completed and completed to the best of our ability.
The genre of our product is more of a rocky type one. We have watched many of the Kings Of Leons previous music videos and have noticed that they like to place performances in their music videos. We have tried to emulate this by having a performance in our video, co-insided with a story. We had a stage performance in our video meaning that the genre characteristic fits the more rocky/ metal like one, meaning that we have achieved what we were aiming for. we also tried to make it look as realistic as possible by the way that we performed the video (e.g. by having the performance as well as a story-line).
We originally wanted to perform in the studio as we feel that it would have been the better idea. But unfortunately we were unable to do this as it was locked when we wanted to film. So we managed to find a back up location, which overall in my opinion brought us to a better, more realistic and useful idea. I think the relationship between the lyrics and the visuals was a good and made it even more like a realistic music video as it looked as it us as the performers were getting properly into singing the song, which showed real feeling.

I think that the promotional package has great continuity between them as it all looks like the same artists work. They create the sense of an ambitious and go getting artist. They work well together as they fit in together by displaying relevant information and keeping the same theme. I feel that they all look well thought out and have been produced to a real high quality standard of work. One comment that i have about the dvd cove is that we could have included more bonus features and including the overall run time of the DVD on the cover. I think we have captured the image of the artist well as it gives the vibe of rock type metaly music, which is what we were aiming for. So in my opinion i would say that the magazine and DVD cover got to the target audience of 16-35 as it is eye catching and is showing the performer at a different stance than to the norm.

I feel that the feed back that we received from our fellow peers and teachers was extremely useful. for example, from this feedback we learnt that many people liked the editing but were unsure of the story-line and the general feel of things is that many people feel that extra bite was missing from the video. So we decided to take this feedback on board and include more clear footage which shows a performance that is linked in with other footage that relates to the story-line. People said that they liked the pitch and supported our ideas about the video, which was encouraging to hear. We ended up with a successful pitch as we were then then able to do the video that we wanted to perform. One piece of feedback that we took on board was to get in more shot s and by doing this i believe that we have improved the overall quality of our video. Other improvements that we were recommended to make was improve camera stability, so we solved this problem by through the usage of a tripod. Another point was to improve the lip syncing so we worked hard practicing to get it right and in the end the improvement was obvious and it worked well.

We use photoshop, final cut, and blogger and i feel that we ll learnt as a group how to use these tools to our advantage to help us make the best video possible supported by top blog posts. I personally feel that i am pleased to improve my qualities regarding final cut and with my acting and editing abilities. From this music video i feel a lot more confident using all of the software on the mac as i have learned how to use it to my advantage. We used HD cameras which are a real high-tech piece of equipment and it helped us capture some good and useful footage. i feel that these cameras made it easy for us to film clear footage and get it on to final cut and the blog easily and efficiently. Overall i would say that i am pleased with our music video and my own personal input in the making of our product as i had a big part in all vital areas such as the video itself, making the magazine advert and dvd cover, filming, editing and the blog posts.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Post for home

Hello this is Felix, Olly and Jake here for the directors commentrary of the newest of the Kings of Leon hits and the video behind it, the ins and out and the hidden goings on behind scenes. In this short commentary we take you into the world of filming a kings of leon video

-Points to discuss in turn: 

--Met genre conventions well, it really suits the song type and there are good shots included.
Editing techniques were good, the overall cartoonized effect was effective however it was a bit confusing at times and could have done with having non edited footage.
The various camera angles were effective; we all liked the camera angle on the bike with lorries overtaking.
it sells and promotes the artist and song well as it suits the genre and is unique and memorable.

-Genre conventions - guitar and stage location fitted with genre. Couldn't identify the genre through colours.

--Editing techniques- the sketch effect used sometimes made it quite hard to follow the visuals but gave a good over all look to the video. however it we thought it would have been nice to use some un edited footage as well to give it a bit more identity. At time the lip-syncing could have been more in time.

-Camera angles- the shot types used when the artist was on the stage was really professional but too much panning was used.

--Selling artist- artist can't be identified properly due to the choice of editing, so audience cant connect to artist.

-Original effects.
Good use of handheld shots
Organic looking style of filming

--Good use of cross cuttin e.g the builders and workmen
guitarist wasnt in the shot during the guitar solo

-Genre conventions were met well and cohered to the rocky style of the music, the black and white look of the film means the target audience could engage well with the footage but it was broad enough to attract members of many groups.

--This digi pak go into what worked and what did not

-We incoperated music and visuals together as we had to select the position of the cuts and transitions and our choice of transition, cut fade dissolve etc.

--Goodwins six points:
   Representation of artist
    Lyrics Visuals
      Music Visuals
       Conventions of genre.
-Themes journey and loneliness

--Problems and how they were solved

Done over the footage as talking heads

Maybe green screen

Jakes Evaluation

Q1) Our media product challenges forms and conventions of real media products in several ways. The music video demonstrates genre conventions e.g the stage performance. Not only this, there is a relationship between lyrics and visuals. We gained inspiration from Goodwins' points to help us create a better music video.

Q2) Our main product is a good final product, this together with the arcillary texts create a good promotional package within the actual music video. The artist is shown to the audience as a sad man, however the overall image of the artist is better than before as we have created a very unique video that fits the conventions of a good quality music video. Overall, we feel as if we have been successful at attracting the target audience as we have some good feedback on our final product.

Q3)we have learned a lot from our audience feedback. Initially, we created a roughcut of ideally what we intended our music video to look like. However, when we collected feedback there were some critics that did not feel the music video would work well. so we mixed things up, brought together new ideas and created a new video altogether. Without the original feedback we would have created our orignal video and it would have been very poor compared to other groups. Not only was it peers with good feedback on how to make the video better, the teachers also helped us improve the video. With all our feedback blogged, we could look back at that and make sure our music video (final) included everything that peers and teachers wanted to see included. Our final cut however had alot more positive feedback as we had learnt from our mistakes earlier on. So our final cut was good due to all the responses we recieved before on our rough cut. Overall, our final product recieved better feedback than we orignally thought so we are pleased with this.

Q4) However, none of this would have been possible without the equipment we used to make it all happen and to bring all our work toegther. The whole project started on blogger which is a website to blog posts. Orignally, we had few ideasso we blogged them all, this lead to more and more ideas being produced and soon we had alot more blogs about ideas for the song and music video. Without blogger, we proberly wouldnt have even started yet! The next stage was making a roughcut of our ideas so using quality HD cameras, we set out to make a roughcut of how we wanted the music video to look like. These cameras allowed the filming to look more professional and the quality video captured is great. It really makes your final product look alot better. However, once we captured all our footage we then had to transfer in onto final cut in order to start the editing process. Final cut allowed us to create exactly what we wanted to. So that was how we created the music video but when it came to the digipack we had to open Photoshop. We transferred an image in which we wanted to feature on the front of our work and started to create things around it. Again, photoshop was ideal for this, Without any of the above our music video would not have looked anywhere near as good so we are giving alot of credit to the software and cameras we used to help us make a successful product.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

examples of magazine adverts

within this magazine advert they have kept it at the absolute minimal needed. due to Bob Marley's status, people recognize him straight away and therefore all that is needed is a picture of the artist. what stands out in this advert is the large image at the front and then smaller images behind of the same artist.
within this music advert, the main things that catch the eye are the large close up of the artist and the name of the artist and song. the colours are kept simple with the whole poster only containing a maximum of four colours. 
for the advert the Vines, again sticks to using few colours to draw the attention to again the artist name and the main information such as release date.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Ideas for Digi-Pack

Keeping in with the theme of the video it is likely to be B&W this is so people can identify with the video,

I would quite like to keep actual photography to a minimum as without professional photography it tends to look a bit tacky.

I would prefer to use a logo for the band that fans could already relate to or learn to realte to.

The font has to be sophisticated and maybe look handwritten or very industrial one extreme or the other.

The back and front cover will be very similar as this seems to be the trend in DVD covers maybe just a mirrored version of the front.

The DVD cover will include all the essential information but kept to the bare minimum as minimalist design is what  most DVD covers nowadays.

Possibilities are having a white cover with one drip of black paint down it and a black logo and no font on the front cover, this will make it stand out form the crowd. On the back centralised black font in a column and minimal text

Maybe some of obscure line art to match the theme on the video with again minimal font and design.

What should be included on a magazine advert and digipack

Magazine Advert
-Group/singers name
-Release date
-Review of album by recognizable figure
-Album name
-Rating of overall album
-Picture of artist
-Age rating
-Studio name/ logo

-Artist name
-Album name
-Studio name/ logo
-Age rating
-List of tracks
-Include bonus features
-DVD symbol
-Information about DVD, for example, color mode, duration, disc format, language and audio content, picture format, multiple viewing angles, region code.
-Website of artist
-Picture of artists on front and back.
-Up and coming tour dates
-Pictures inside
- Review from recognizable figure.

Robbie Williams - DVD cover

They have included many design cues on the cover of the Robbie Williams DVD for What We Did Last Summer.

They have picked a simple red and white colour scheme which is simple but effective, the colours are in a painted style and this adds to the dirty-esque image that Robbie was going for at this time. There is also a superimposed fire at the bottom right corner, adds a small amount of variation to the red and white by adding orange a combination of the two. The red and white theme continues on the back cover with an entirely black background and red text, this links the two covers.

There is only one very simple image on the front of Robbie in a graffiti/painted style, this relates to his slightly gritty image at the time. The image depicts him with wings and looking solemnly to the floor, this is a reference to his single Angels and fans can easily make this link. There is very little imagery on the back just a very transparent image blended into the black background it is barely noticeable.

The street art stencil theme carries on throughout the cover, the fonts are stenciled and have a black spray back drop. The colour scheme also remains constant this adds to the graff image as most graffiti pieces are only 2 or 3 colours. This carries on inside the front cover and on the face of the DVDs.

The packaging is not your normal DVD casing and this is a good selling point as it looks more professional and just a bit different. It is a fold open cardboard case with a book insert and 2 discs. It is very solidly designed and feels nice to the touch. The quality of the materials is very high and adds a feeling of quality.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


- Met genre conventions well, it really suits the song type and there are good shots included.
- Editing techniques were good, the overall cartoonized effect was effective however it was abit confusing at times and could have done with having non edited footage.
- The various camera angles were effective, we all liked the camera angle on the bike with lorries overtaking.
- it sells and promotes the artist and song well as it suits the genre and is unique and memorable.

Group 26-
Genre conventions- guitar and stage location fitted with genre. Couldn't identify the genre through colours.

Editing techniques- the sketch effect used sometimes made it quite hard to follow the visuals but gave a good over all look to the video. however it we thought it would have been nice to use some un edited footage as well to give it a bit more identity. At time the lip syncing could have been more in time.

Camera angles- the shot types used when the artist was on the stage was really professional but too much panning was used.

selling artist- artist can't be identified properly due to the choice of editing, so audience cant connect to artist.

Group 25-
Original effects.
good use of handheld shots
fantastic storyline, v engaging/gripping
good use of cross cuttin e.g the builders and workmen
guitarist wasnt in the shot during gthe hguitar solo

Group 28 review

  • Lots of shots are not clearly visible due to the effect mostly when the shots are moving
  • The effect was effective in some parts for example when the guitarist is shown
  • good variety of camera angles, stationary and moving
  • meets genre characteristics by showing the group playing
  • doesnt really sell the artist as you cannot really see there face 

S1-29 feedback for music video

- Genre conventions
We think that this video follows some of the genre conventions that indie rock music videos follow because it is experimental and suits the sound of the music.

- editing techniques
The filter that created the black and white effect is the 'line art' creates a good feeling of the music video, due to continuity and makes some of the bad lip-syncing not obvious (some parts of music video there was silence but singer was singing). On the other hand this effect was distracting

Also the video didn't cut on the beat which didn't flow with the song of the song therefore it made the narrative not as effective as it could've been.

- uses camera angles
Some of the camera angles were really good such as the tracking shot that follows the lead singer behind the bush. We also liked some of the free hand footage in the concert scene.
However a lot of the camerawork was very shaky and disorientating.

- sells/promotes the artist

Monday, 14 November 2011

Attempts to contact the artist

In our attempt to contact the artist, we done this via the social networking site facebook. our message was as follows ' we have chose your song 'pick-up truck' as our music project in media. Would it be ok for us as a group to create a music video for this song?'.
We are still currently waiting for a reply.

Reece Location Shots

In one of our shots we wanted the actor/lead singer to be walking beside a road as traffic passes them by. with the camera focusing on the cars driving past. we felt as if this emotionally would allow the viewers to understand the feelings of the singer as everything else is passing him by as he still chasing something.

in another shot, the opening scene preferably we wanted the singer to wonder through the forest as if he is lost and searching for something. we felt the forest worked really well as generally it will be very lonely and the character can reflect on his mistakes. we want the audience to follow his journey to understand his struggles.

finally, during the chorus of the song we wanted to create an image that sums up the video. the lead singer and guitarist will be performing infront of empty seats. this implies the singer is lost and the person he wants is not coming back and his confidence has gone. 

Classification Research

Whens music classified?
recordings do not have to be classified before they are sold.

How is music classified?
The music video classify the videos based on the content. This is judged on the amount of treatment of sex, horror, crime, cruelty or violence.  It can also be restricted because of highly offensive language.

Our video contains none of the above. This was made easier by the type of song we had choose. Therefore our music video is available for all to see and we believe the more people that can watch our video the better.

Target audience

Our target audience is the typical kings of leon fans and we feel that as a group that this around the teenage age too about early to mid 20's. i found that from this website that adults tend to watch more tv and online music videos than what teenagers do but also found out that teenage viewing is up by 6%. This research does fit into our target audience pretty well as it shows that both of our target audience's would be likely to view our music video and hopefully enjoy the hard work that we put in. through researching i also found that it is very common for teenagers to download and not pay for it as this research shows that only 2 out of 10 teens download songs using itunes.

Also in the modern day online video streaming plays a vital role in wether a song becomes popular and as the most popular site is youtube, this generally includes a video and gives an open platform for underground and mainstream artists. Because of this the quality of videos has jumped up recently as rival artist of all calibres competes for the most views.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Research of Mse-en-scene


Mise en scene encompasses the most recognizable attributes of a film, the setting and the actors. mise en scene includes costumes and make-up, props, and all the other natural and artificial details that characterise the spaces filmed.  The term is from a French theatrical expression, meaning roughly “put into the scene”.  In other words, mise-en-scene describes the stuff in the frame and the way it is shown and arranged.

Setting creates both a sense of place and a mood and it may also reflect a character’s emotional state of mind.  It can be entirely fabricated within a studio. either as an authentic reconstruction of reality or as a whimsical fiction, but it may also be found and filmed on location.

Three Point Lighting
This arrangement of key, fill, and backlight provides even illumination of the scene and, as a result, is the most commonly used lighting scheme in typical narrative cinema. The light comes from three different directions to provide the subject with a sense of depth in the frame, but not dramatic enough to anything deeper than light shadows behind the subject.

High Key Lighting
High key lighting involves the fill lighting (used in the three point technique at a lower level) to be increased to near the same level as the key lighting. With this even illumination, the scene appears very bright and soft, with very few shadows in the frame. This style is used most commonly in musicals and comedies, especially of the classic Hollywood age.

Low Key Lighting
Low key lighting is the technical opposite of the high key arrangement, because in low key the fill light is at a very low level, causing the frame to be cast with large shadows. This causes stark contrasts between the darker and lighter parts of the framed image, and for much of the subject of the shot to be hidden behind in the shadows. This lighting style is most effective in film noir productions and gangster films, as a very dark and mysterious atmosphere is created from this obscuring light.

Arguably the most easily noticeable aspect of mise-en-scene is costume. Costume can include both makeup or wardrobe choices used to convey a character’s personality or status, and to signify these differences between characters. Costume is an important part of signifying the era in which the film is set and advertising that era’s fashions.

Staging and Acting: 
Acting has become one of the most important elements of modern, popular film. An actor or actresses performance can make or break a movie regardless of how engaging the story is or how well the editing was done etc… It is the actor’s duty to bring his or her character to life within the framework of the story. Their emotional input dictates how strongly the audience feels about the film. An actor must be completely aware of his or her character and be ready to portray their emotions and actions as if they were their own. The actor is the basic element of 99% of films and it is their duty to bring the movie to life in a realistic and easily understood way.

We used all of these points in our media production to create a more proffesional looking edit. When setting up our shots we took into account the various points the only benefactor we had no control over was the lighting and could only use the standard lighting at the set.

Plan of what we need to do now...

Now we have got all of our footage at our disposal, we are now able too place all of our footage that we got by filming the performance part of our music video and add this together with the forest and the car footage. This gives us the opportunity in the last two lessons to edit our footage, place it all in the correct order to fit in with the song and also finish off any blog posts that we need to get completed.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Summary of Planning so far

Our planning so far cannot be described as being brilliant but i would say that it is fair to say that our back up plans have always got us through. for example, our plan for our filming of a performance did not go to plan as we were not all present on the day we wanted to film nor could we get to the location that we needed. But we managed to come up with a back up plan with enabled us too get the filming that we needed in the car and the forest as well as coming up with a replacement date for us too film the performance. After the filming we then have two lessons in which we can edit our footage and put it in order to how we want to view it. In an idea world we would have liked to have three lessons in which we can film in but obviously due to a bit of unfortunate luck of not being able to use the facilities on one day of filming and due to a little bit of badly organized planning we do not have this luxury, but we are all confident as group that all our hard work and many different plans will pay off and end up with the grade that we hope to achieve.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Special effects

There is a wide range of techniques that is used in the special effects industry today. These innumerable techniques have been developed and refined over the years, providing an ever-increasing sense of realism to extremely complex scenes. You have front projection, back projection, compositing, cel animation, clay animation, computer animation, camera motion control, rotoscoping, stop-motion & go-motion animation, puppetry, pyrotechnics, miniatures and model making, matte paintings, makeup, stunt and sound effects and a host of other elaborate procedures. The list keeps growing with time, and sometimes older solutions give way to newer and more sophisticated ones.
No single technique is superior to the rest, and its usage is basically determined by the specific requirements of the scene. However, some effects render more realism to the scene when compared to others and may be the preferred choice especially for certain kinds of scenes. Things like front and back projection are quite archaic and seldom used these days, but the amount of control they gave yesteryear directors to simulate outdoor shots within the confines of a studio is incalculable.
Computer generated imagery or CGI as it is known, has become the main stay of technicians these days, given the versatility of the medium. However, there still are areas in which CGI is not the most preferred solution. Whatever the advances in technology may be, the various effects techniques that have been invented over the years have each played an invaluable role in thrilling audiences of that generation. In that sense, every type of effect is a master piece.

Article Source:

Update on the situation

We currently have a good amount of footage for our video and our first draft although quite short went down very well with the audience. Now what we are working on doing is getting one more vital scene that we need in order to have one completed video that we are all happy with. Our aim was to film this last scene that we needed last lesson but due to a member of the group not being here and not finding anyone to fill in and also not being able to get into the room that we need we did not film in this lesson. so as you can tell we are having a few issues filming but we plan to overcome these issues and get all our footage done by the following lesson and then finish up on the editing, in order to produce one top class music video.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Our Magazine Advert

When creating our advert we made sure we picked a subject that was very popular and could use there well know logo/image to create a simple but powerful image. Deadmau5 is very popular with the younger genration and given this I used bright colors contrasting with a black background.
We kept the amount of information minimal as not to confuse the reader all the information you need is there, it almost comes across as a pre-release poster.
When companies want a poster created they would give the (poster) artist a list of crireria to meet, luckily i did not have this draw back and was pretty much free to do what I wanted.

Special effects

This link shows a tutorial of how special effects can be used effectively to make one entertaining and eye catching video.

Analysis of Magazine Adverts

 As you can see from these examples magazine advert for singles and albums releases are usually strong colours  and a simple design to catch the eye this creates an image that sticks in your mind amnd also entices you to read on. They will often inlcude a logo that is associated with the the band/artist, when a artist is working towards an advert they will take into account their genre and target market this will influence there decision in shape, colour and where the advert is placed.

If an artist is clever they will use guerilla marketing as in stickers or adverts in unusual places, this is a good tactic as quite often the audience is younger and this will stick in their head longer than a casual magazine advert.

The advert will usually include the name of the artist but not necessarily as if the band is very well know such as Deadmau5 or the rolling stones they would just have their logo or a photo of them.

Types of video Transition

The most common transition. An instant change from one shot to the next. The raw footage from your camera contains cuts between shots where you stop and start recording (unless of course you use built-in camera transitions).
Mix/ Dissolve/ cross-fade 
These are all terms to describe the same transition, a gradual fade from one shot to the next.
Crossfades have a more relaxed feel than a cut and are useful if you want a meandering pace, contemplative mood, etc. Scenery sequences work well with crossfades, as do photo montages.
Crossfades can also convey a sense of passing time or changing location.

Fades the shot to a single colour, usually black or white. The "fade to black" and "fade from black" are ubiquitous in film and television. They usually signal the beginning and end of scenes.
Fades can be used between shots to create a sort of crossfade which, for example, fades briefly to white before fading to the next shot.
One shot is progressively replaced by another shot in a geometric pattern. There are many types of wipe, from straight lines to complex shapes.
Wipes often have a coloured border to help distinguish the shots during the transition.
Wipes are a good way to show changing location.
Digital effects: 
Most editing applications offer a large selection of digital transitions with various effects. There are too many to list here, but these effects include colour replacement, animated effects, pixelization, focus drops, lighting effects, etc.
Many cameras also include digital effects, but if possible it is better to add these in post-production.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Negative feedback

-need to make it clear for the viewers exactly whats going on all the time.
-cant always see character as the camera is a bit shaky.
-sometimes unclear during the video due to the black and white contrast.
-improve camera stability.
-need more shot variety.
-need some lip syncing.
-needs more of a story line.

Aims of next filming lesson: ensure the footage is clear so the audience can see exactly whats happening at all times. ensure the camera work is more professional. include a different variety of shots. include lip syncing and bring the whole video together as a narrative.

Positives of feedback summary.

One very common positive that we got as a group was that the effects that we used in the video were very good and is one that was deemed as an "excellent idea". - This was literally on every piece of feedback that we received.

The effects are deemed to be as fitting in with the music meaning that we have picked the right kind of idea that our target audience like and appreciate. We also got praised for the amount of editing involved and the way the shots collaborate to reate ascence of movement with the music.

Another piece of positive feedback is that we used a "good range of camera shots" meaning that we are succeeding in what we were trying to do.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Song lyrics and interpretation of them

Pickup Truck Lyrics

(1st Verse)
Walk you home to see, where your livin' around, and I know this place
Pour yourself on me, And you know I'm the one, that you won't forget

(2nd Verse)
And in your denim eyes, I see something's awry, and I see you're weak
When he comes around, see your fixin' to shine, and my face won't speak

Hate to be so emotional
I didn't aim to get physical
But when he pulled in and revved it up
I said, 'you call that a pick up truck?'
And in the moonlight I throwed him down
Kickin' screamin' & rolling around
A little piece of a bloody tooth
Just so you know I was thinking of you
Just so you know ohhhhh

(3rd Verse)
Tremblin' misery, and as cold as a hole
I hug your bones and skin, cracklin' woods gone white, and my eyes swoll up now
I can see the light

Hate to be so emotional
I didn't aim to get physical
But when he pulled in and revved it up
I said, 'you call that a pick up truck?'

And in the moonlight I throwed him down
Kickin' screamin' & rolling around
A little piece of a bloody tooth
Just so you know I was thinking of you
Just so you know ohhhhh

(Repeat Chorus)

Its about a guy who walks an ex-girlfriend home. he thinks she is still into him, and he isn't over her yet. they have ex-sex and after she isnt begging for him back. New guy pulls up to house in truck. Ex pops off about his truck and they fight. Shaking, sad, and cold, he hugs her. He feels that she has lost her feelings for him. Crackling wood turns white means she has lost the torch or flame for him. He realizes this and start to cry. Then he sees that they are over.

Rough cut

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Using Effects in Final Cut Pro

The use of effects is a hard art to master and can ruin a film by layering to many over the top and then not being able to un-layer the clips this creates wasted footage. To counter this problem i have been saving many versions of the footage each with a different effect or multiple effects. The effects i have persevered with are the blur effects as this takes away the blunt image these cameras produce similar effect to the soft focus used widely through tv production. I also have incorporated a black and white find edges effect this creates a rather emotional effect that i was not expecting and have kept it in the final rough cut, it also provides a contrast when it jumps back to RGB footage late on in the video. Learning to use filters and effects in final cut pro has been very frustrating but also very handy because as soon as you get the hang of it it becomes an invaluable tool.

Filming for rough cut.

When filming for our rough cut we had a general idea of what we were aiming for this meant we could dedicate a entire lesson towards this cause, unfortunately one of our crew members was not available and this left us a dilemma as we are filming half of the music video with one character and one with the rest of the band we had to risk taking the solo shots without the consultation of the other member this means next session he is going to have to pick up where we left off seamlessly and get started right away. The shots were successful apart from some user error in a couple of shots this means we can start editing the clips together, this is difficult with only half the footage and is not helped by missing a member as the more hands and brainpower the better.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

These shots are all pulled from the video for changed the way you kissed me by Example the black and white adds a scence of emotion to the shots and portrays a more sensitive side to quite an upbeat songthis is a commonly used effect in music videos as it an easy way to make footage look either old or very contrasting.

eminem- star analysis

eminem is an artist whose work is known world wide and loved by millions. he started off very well and was an instant hit with the public and he very commonly made comical videos like the one that you see above and this video is called without me. then after a while his music became more about the song than the video so his videos are now a bit more serious and showing his life stories and more about the rap side of his life. but it is clear to say that his work has always been loved by many and will continue to do so.

Goodwins Points

  1. Music videos demonstrate genre characteristics (e.g. stage performance in metal video, dance routine for boy/girl band).
  2. There is a relationship between lyrics and visuals (either illustrative, amplifying, contradicting).
  3. There is a relationship between music and visuals (either illustrative, amplifying, contradicting).
  4. The demands of the record label will include the need for lots of close ups of the artist and the artist may develop motifs which recur across their work, this makes their work instantly recognizable almost like a tag.
  5. There is frequently reference to notion of looking (screens within screens, telescopes, etc) and particularly voyeuristic treatment of the female body.
  6. There is often intertextual reference (to films, tv programmes, other music videos etc..
Goodwins Theory is a way of analyzing a music video to work out wether a music video has all the elements that he decided it should require. These points do relate to most modern music video but the more abstract and underground music videos people tend to stray from the norm which means that Goodwins theory is not all ways correct. 


Animatic of Storyboard.

Story Board + Shot List

Monday, 3 October 2011


Have read through the blog and taken it in. I have been planning what shots and the structure of the filming
There will be two parts to this music video the narrative part, with one charcter and his hots will be done with sepia tones and lots of shots of miscelainious landscape. The bad part of the video will be done in full colour and this will take advantage of the artificial lighting and will accuent all of the band members. These  shots will be a cross between panning and close up to create a feeling of movement to these scenes, whilst the other members of the group want to keep the camera in college i might take it out over night to get some of the landscape shots as i would like some variation from long road college. The costumes will have to collected by each member as none of us have enough of those style clothes.
When filming I think using a improvised steadycam for handheld shots as when it is just on a tripod it looks unproffesional. I will confer with the group when I am next in lesson.

Friday, 30 September 2011

Health and safety issues

1. when we are filming by the river make sure that we are careful and do not fall in or get injured.
2. don't run with the camera or any other equipment.
3. do not get the camera wet at all when filming.
4. when filming in the forrest make sure that the camera is set up right so it doesn't fall over and be careful when filming, e.g. don't fall over on to branches and other obstacles we may come across in the forest.
5. Do not the drop the camera at any point.
6. be careful of the stairs when filming down a hall way.
7. be careful of other people whilst, for example, make sure we don't walk into them or put our equipment in the way of them.
8. make sure the stage that we are  using is fully secured and is not in any danger of falling over whilst we are filming.
9. if the grass is wet on the field that we are hoping to film on, be careful of slipping over.
10. be careful of damaged/ look like they are going to fall trees in the forest.
11. be careful of any wildlife in the forest.

Call sheet

Location- The location that we will be using to film our final project will be Long road sixth form college. one reason why we have chose this location is because we will be able to have full use of the stage that is in the music block and we will also have the use of the drums and then guitar. This is going to help the performance part of our video look a lot more realistic. with filming in the college we will also be able to have the use of the college grounds so we will be able to get a variety of different locations in our video. We will try to create an illusion of not being at college as it is not a location that a rock band would probably be, so we will try and keep shots of the actual building to a minimum and use the surrounding landscapes instead.

we shall start the filming of out project on the 9th of october and due to the fact that we are filming on college grounds we will not be taking the camera out overnight, this will get rid of any potential worries about losing marks for not bringing the camera back on time.  we shall also use the 10th and 11th of october to use for filming, so with the amount of time that we are allowing for filming we should have enough time to get the shots that we need in order to make a successful video.

one potential hazard that we could come across is when filming especially in the forest there is always the risk of the unpredictable british weather turning from good to bad. if this does happen we will pack the camera away and protect it from the wet, then go inside as quick as we can. but if it is already raining before we go we will not film and stay inside and do some blog work instead and film the lesson after. another option that we have if it is raining is that we could do all of the shots that we need to do inside, for example the stage performance.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Planning number 2

micro elements:

sound- with the sound we plan to have the backing of the track playing while the character is miming the lyrics but at the start there will be two charters playing (miming to play) the guitar and the drums for a more realistic band like performance. as this is quite of a slow beat tune we'll have to have the tempo fitting in with the music and miming of the song.

camera work- during the filming there will be two types of footage filmed. one will be the group/band together then it will cut to just the singer in his own world reflecting on his life. the duration of the clips will  quite long because the pace of the song is slow. there will be a variety of shots such as close ups, long shots, mid shots etc.

editing- the plan is to film the different shots for example having the shots in different locations then have a few fading into the next location or performance and add in one shot were the location quickly jumps from one to another.

mise en scene- probs would be instruments such as guitar, drums + mic for one particular shot. the costume will be quite dark coloured cloths to reflect the depressive mood. the setting will be within the a music room and outside in lonely places such as fields and forests with the singer just wandering around trying toclear his mind. the lighting within the music room will be studio lighting for the realism. when outside there will be a few shots of natural lighting during mid day and other will be during dusk where we will need to create our own artificial light. there will be not alot of make up used within our film if any at all apart from some eyedrops to create tears. most of the filming will be in colour but part of the video may change to just black and white.

Pitch for music video

Mood- this song is viewed upon our group to be a more depressing song with rather emotional lyrics so when the performance of our video comes round we have it being more of a slow one rather than an upbeat one due to the fact that a slow performance will better suit the song. The artist who performs this song in our group will have to get into the song and show this with facial expressions but try their best not too look happy while singing this song.

Narrative- The video will reflect on the lyrics within the song and the focus of the camera will be on one person.  due to the lyrics most of the shots will be quite miserable and reflect the actors feelings. what we will do is have a performance at the start where the artist is singing in to a microphone and them have the artist moving around to different locations (we shall trial a few locations to find the right one).

Character- we plan to only have the one artist who is miming the lyrics to the song but at the start when we are doing the performance we plan to have a drummer and a person on a guitar to make the performance look realistic and match the song.

Genre- the genre is Rock. the conventions of a Rock song is lots of shots of the instruments used to create the music for example the guitars, the drums and the band together. however due to this song being depressive there will be lots of shots of an individual dressed in darker clothes just wandering.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Kings of Leon - Pickup Truck

We have decided to use Kings of Leon - Pickup Truck as our song for our music video, me came to this decision as we think that it has the most emotion and therefore the greatest opportunity to create a decent music video. The song is slow and this means the footage will have less cuts and the footage can be streamed together easier. When listening to all the songs this one brought up this most ideas in my head this is obviously a good sign when creating a music video.

In a lot of music videos in this genre they are shot in an American setting, usually a stereotypical town/village, some however have been shot in forests in varying weather conditions. This is to show where the roots of this music came form. Another thing common amongst this genre is shots of inanimate objects in close up, this is an atmosphere building tool and works quite effectively.

Costumes: The clothes worn by this genre of music is generally simple clothes with
ripped jeans checkered shirts maybe ripped also. The jeans would also be skinny and black.
We could go against the genre and have very clean people singing the music in a clean locatin to be ironic. This all depends on other ideas. The other option is wearing retro clothes to take the image back to were this music started.

Props: one prop that we will need to have the use of is a guitar, this is so we can make the video look realistic and how the video looks in real life that is seen on day to day tv. another pro that we could benefit from the use of a microphone so we can act part of the video out like a performance to a crowd or just a general video of the artist recording the song.

Lighting: when the filming is outside we will be using the natural lighting (hopeing that we get good weather for filming) but if we are unfortunate on the weather one option is we could film the whole video inside under artificial lighting were as the first plan is too film part in doors as a performance and part of it outside to bring a bit of variation.


Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Review of possible music video options.

Neyo: R&B
Emotion. Slow Jamz, Trying to get laid, Shallow
Colours . Blue or purple, Ice, Silver, White
Loctaion. Mansion, Club, Ghetto
Props     . Bitches, Cars, Cane
Actors   . Pimps, Hos, Cane
Lighting. Low loighting, Strobe

This video would be set in a pimps mansion, with white tigers and white cars a lot of bling and ice floating about, this would reflect the attitude of the artist.

Emotion: Slow, Sad, Emotional
Colour  : B&W
Location: Walking down a snowy street backwards in a ghetto
Props   : Big coats,
Actors: Normal People
Lighting: Natural

Review of possible music video options.

Emotion: Up-beat song
Colours: Black + white
Location: In studio and walking down a lit street
Probs: Microphone, hat, chains + rings etc
Actors: Big built man
Lighting: Night

Emotion: Relaxed
Colours: Red + Gold
Location: House/garden
Probs: Swimming pool, Girls + cars
Actors: Usher
Lighting: Night time with un-natural light

Monday, 19 September 2011

Chris Cuningham - Auteur

Chris Cunningham is a world famous music and advert producer, he has a very distinctive style. Using generally a dark palette of colors to produce a ominous feel to his videos, there are some very common themes including distorted faces and hospitals or illness. The correlation between music and video had been  done to perfection with cuts and live action in time with the beats. He usually produces for electronic artists such as Squarepusher and Aphex Twin two of the most renowned artists. He generally does not conform to regular music video conventions and therefore some of his videos are quite disturbing and controversial, this does create quite a lot of media attention and underground respect.

In his video for Aphex Twin's Window Licker, He takes the face off the artist and replicates it onto the faces of lots of women who are also caressing the artist this is not only weird but quite hard to watch. The video starts with a very long intro which is again characteristic of Cunninghams videos, apparent in Rubber Johnny and Come on my Selector

Window Licker

Rubber Johnny

In both of these videos are done in very different styles but still maintain Cunninghams themes, while Rubber Johnny is more in keeping with his auteur style Window Licker still involves creepy face changing even if done in a lighter style. Where as Rubber Johnny is very dark and it is not entirely clear what the aim of the video is.

Overall you will definitely know if you have come across a Chris Cunningham video within the first minute and this is a sign of a successful video director.

Friday, 16 September 2011

2Pac Changes- Researching music videos
2Pac- Changes

2Pac is a very famous artist and although he is now dead many people still listen to his music today, this proves how popular his music is and his music video changes follows in his popularity path. this video sends a message to the world that it needs to change otherwise we are heading for a massive propblem. he talks about fighting, racism, murder, prisons, presidents and drugs and points out that its all wrong and everyones views need to change. for example, in his video he describes selling drugs is making money the "sleazy way". he also talks about he never made a crime that he never had to do to support his family and that the war on poverty needs to be fought and one before things move forward.

A video that presents an artist in a different way to their usual image

Dappy- No regrets (

Dappys usual image is that he would be in some sort of tracksuit and that hes care-free. this song features dappy on his own whereas previously he has been in the group N-Dubz. His image is different in this video because mainly the way he is dressed. the camera angles such as low angles give him power and almost shows that hes matured as a singer/person. the video is also quite inspiring and it is highly successful.

Lonely island- Researching different types of music videos

Spoof video- lonely island: im on a boat-

overall i would say that this video is extremely successful as the view pole shows that as it has nearly 21 and a half million views. this video is a representation of 3 rich men on a boat but making fun out of rich people and there lifestyle. I believe that they have done this well as it keeps the viewer entertained from start to finish and i would say that the different camera angles (such as close up, mid shot etc) make the effect of the video a lot better as it does its part in keeping the viewer interested.
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